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The No B.S. Guide To Adult Website SEO

This page has been written simply because too many people starting out in promoting adult websites go straight down one path and ignore another potentiall more lucrative route.

The path most new adult webmasters go down is the traffic route. The problem is that even adult traffic is untargeted, and what is actually needed is relevant niche traffic to convert.

If you want SEO advice where do you go? Forums are mostly full of outdated and plain wrong information, and the friendly neighourhood affiliate manager has a blind spot for knowledge on generating natural search traffic the size of Area 51.

One thing that is obvious from producing a duplicate of our link exchange for adult sites, is that a lot of adult webmasters simply have not been given the chance to grab the potential value, cold hard financial value, natural search traffic can have. Most questions we get relate to how will links built in our exchange get traffic. Its the obsession with direct and instant traffic routes that is causing a blindness to the power of laser-targeted natural search traffic.

This guide aims to cut through the crap and tell you exactly where your focus should be. Now if you run an escort agency or are an independent escort, your criteria is unique. Please visit this website for more information for escorts.

Things to STOP doing.

Lets start by telling you what to stop. The myths surrounding "on page" SEO border on the insane at times. You will routinely be told to worry about keyword density, meta tags and footer link stuffing, despite the fact Google has said many times those things have not worked for YEARS. The problem is, especially in adult, is that people simply do not keep up to date with SEO trends and think that what worked in 1998 will work now.

So the first thing to do is to stop worrying about overly complicated and inctricate on-page SEO. On-page ranking factors count for around 15% of the total factors Google takes into account, So no matter how well you do it, you are investing your time something that can only ever cure 15% of your problems. Is that effective time management?

There are of course essential on-page things, and we will cover those in a minute.

I am also going to be bold here and tell you to also stop doing link trades. Why? Plain and simple, the end result is not worth the time it takes to arrange them. Building one way backlinks is the only effective way to boost your sites position in the search engines, so focus 100% on getting them.

So what does influence rankings? is one of the most respected authorites on SEO. They do a regular "ask the experts" questionnaire and then collate and publish the results. According to the most respected SEO's out there, this is how it breaks down currently:

  • 24% Trust/Authority of the Host Domain
  • 22% Link Popularity of the Specific Page
  • 20% Anchor Text of External Links
  • 15% On-Page Keyword Usage
  • 7% Traffic and Click-Through Data
  • 6% Social Graph Metrics
  • 5% Registration and Hosting Data
So you can clearly see that only 15% of the total factors Google takes into account are on-page ones.

So where do I focus then?

Well, lets look at the figures. Trust and authority count for up to 24% of the factors taken into account. As an adult webmaster you are in an industry where trust as perceived by people on the outside is LOW. There are very few authority sites out there that meet the criteria of being worthy of Google trusting them. If you want to know more about trust do a search for "trustrank".

So unless you can get a free link on a few of the big, quality industry sites out there (a free, followed link, not a paid-for-with-a-credit-card "nofollowed" link), then being trusted, or being directly linked to by a trusted domain is not gonna happen.

So where do we focus then? Well, it is kind of staring us in the face. Link popularity (the total number of links pointing at a domain), and external link anchor text together count for 42%, not far from HALF of the ranking factors.

So where do you reckon you should be focusing most of your efforts?

The answer is very clearly, keyword research and linkbuilding. Which of course brings me back to my original point, about adult webmasters missing the importance could play in making them money from search engine traffic!

On-page factors - the essentials you need to have.

The only things on the pages of your site, or blog, (its all the same in the eyes of the search engine, they care about one thing only - words and how they relate to the sentences they are in),you need to worry about are as follows:

  • Keyword/term in the title tag
  • Keyword within H1 tag (one H1 tage per page only)
  • Keywords and terms within the main body text
It really is that simple, honestly. You really don't need to worry about anything else. Google ignores the meta keyword and description tags, while keyword density has been made irrelevant by the way search engines can now take all the text on a page and determine its "topical relevance".

The importance of the meta description tag I should point out, is now purely that it is usually the text that appears under your URL in the search results. So if you do include one, make it great marketing copy. If you don't have one, the search engine will just publish a line of text from your great quality on-page text (you have that right? Not just a load of pictures and keywords stuffed everywhere?).

The key is the keywords.

The only on-page thing you need to get 100% right is your decisions on the keywords and terms you use on-page, and in your link anchor text. How else can a search engine determine the relevance of the page and serve it up to people?

Probably the single biggest mistake people make is choosing completely unrealistic, untargeted keywords for their webpages. Notice I say webpages, not website. Each page should be targeted for a different keyword, or variation of it to maximise your sites ranking potential for multiple related terms. Stop thinking of your website, and start thinking about your targeted landing pages. That's marketing 101.

As an example I saw on a forum the other day someone asking "how come my site is not ranking well?". Their keyword was "strippers". Now come one, how naive are some of you guys?!

Lets do a search for the word strippers on Google USA:

It returns 1,720,000 results!

So there are literally thousands of people, a lot of them with old established sites, with a ton of links, and deeper pockets than you already in there. How on earth do you expect to rank for such a general term with a new site? And more importantly, why would you want to - it's completely untargeted traffic.

So lets get real about keywords. What we need is to get traffic from the longtail of the search term. This basically means variations of the main search term, and related terms. Longtail terms are mostly easier to rank for and wll bring more targeted traffic.

You also need to consider the contest of a word. In our "strippers" example. If I search for that word, what am I looking for? Pictures and videos? Someone to strip at a bachelor party? A strip club? A job for my wife? It's just a complete mess isn't it - no wonder they were not getting much traffic, and the stuff they were getting was completely untargeted to the content of their site.

An example of basic keyword research.

Okay, so hopefully we are being a bit more realistic about the keywords we should be aiming for? Right, lets find the right words then. We are optimising an affiliate page leading to member sites full of pics and videos of girls stripping, specifically amateurs, college parties, home video's, girls next door stripping etc, in a very specific niche we are yet to discover and focus on.

So already we are establishing that our site is not about "stripping", it is about amateur's stripping in potential "real life" situations. This means that it could also be related to party girls, drunk girls, voyeurism etc, but definitely NOT to do with strip clubs, or hiring strippers! Same word, totally different. You need to filter out that second group of people through making it crystal clear to Google what your page is really about.

The first thing to do is to take your broad search term, and enter it into the SEObook keyword tool.

And our search return a ton of results!

If you are unsure as to the relevance of any keyword/term, then do a quick Google search, it will then be obvious as to what sort of sites rank for it, ie its context.

As we are looking for easier-to-rank-for terms, we visually filter out any that are less than three word terms. This leaves us with a few obvious targets, including this odd one, "naked girls stripping" (if they are naked how are they stripping??) with a gobal monthly search volume of 12000, so lets Google it and see its context....hey its mostly video sites, but competing pages for the "in brackets" term is 2 million - ouch, lets forget that one, its got a lot of pages to leapfrog and its not targeted enough to focus on.

So we have a few contenders to do a search for on Google, such as "girls stripping pictures", "drunk wild party girls" and the little gem "fat girls stripping" with 643,000 competitive pages, but nearly every result on page one, other than the You Tube result, being low-powered pages we could beat.

Check out your competition!

One important point to note with adult sites is that although there may be a lot of competitive pages, most of the time those pages are low value, as in no PageRank and little authority. Because of the nature of porn sites (large and pages for many, many terms) beating those pages is easier than in non-adult subjects, because people simply build pages and move on in adult, they don't usually work on the "power" of those pages through building links and therefore authority.

So narrowing it down, we now have a few key targeted phrases to focus on:
  • "fat girls stripping" (13k competing, exact search term results)
  • "drunk gallery" (12.8k competing)
  • "girls stripping pictures" (13.5k competing)
Next we do a search without the "". to see what comes up when joe public, who does not use "" when searching as he does not even know you can use it, does a search. Drunk gallery returns a lot of competing pages, but remember this search is now much more broad, containing related terms and synonyms to the words "drunk" and/or "gallery". After searching, I am still feeling in my gut that the fat girls thing is going to be easier to break into based on the quality of the look, and the PageRank of the competing pages (ie its low).

It's looking good. So lets investigate the strength of the competition - what sort of links do they have? Open up Yahoo Explorer, and enter in the URLs of every result on page one for your the entered search term, one at a time. How many links to that exact URL are there? Are they decent quality, high PageRank pages? In our example, just 7, and all from scummy pages. We can beat this, especially now we know about!

Okay, lets go with "fat girls stripping" as our longtail main keyterm of choice.

In order to write our content and emphasise the relevance and context (remember, we need a natural-reading contextual relevance, not just a load of stuffed in keywords), lets think of derivatives of "fat girls stripping". How about "plump girls stripping" "plumpers stripping" etc, you get the idea.

The final stage in all this is now to put our terms into Google. for each term, as we type, we look at the related terms it brings up as we type in more of our search. See any really good, related terms? Write them down! Now scroll down to the bottom of the results page. See the terms under "Searches related to: fat girls stripping"? Those are terms that through context, Google believes are relevant. If any really will fit in well, write them down, they are gold-dust.

Putting your keywords on page.

Haven't we come a long way? We had the word "strippers", and now we are creating a page from affiliate content relating to the main longtail search term"fat girls stripping", and the related searches "plumpers stripping" and "videos fat girls stripping"!

So you create a page for each keyword. You put in all your content, and it looks good. Now you need to earn you 15% of the ranking factors by telling Google what it is about. In your title tag you start with your main keyterm, in this example "fat girls stripping":

"Fat girls stripping, watch videos of slutty plump strippers".

Then write related, compelling content in your description meta tag to draw in the searcher:

"Watch fat girls stripping, can you believe that plump women and hot girls are stripping to earn cash for food?".

You see, in there we have the main term , plus obvious word variations (stripping, strip etc), plus the related term "hot girls stripping", plus we throw in a bit of humour (stripping for food), and curiosity (can you believe), to entice in the person reading to click. Also importantly although we are writing to tell Google "this page is highly relevant", we are also keeping it readable for human visitors, so we score on Google's recommendation to write for people, not search engines.

The same thing for the H1 tag, use your main keyterm at the start if possible, although its not essential. You could just use "fat girls stripping for your pleasure." for example, but make it compelling for the person you have worked hard to get to the page.

So lets add some text on page to really give it context. A wall of photo's means nothing, photo's given context are far more likely to be compelling enough to convert to a click. So make up a sentence to put under each clip, that uses your keyterm, or variations of (don't just use the keyterm all the time!). For example:

"Kelly loves stripping to show off her plump assets. Her motto is "once you have had fat you don't go back". We think fat girls make better strippers, and Kelly is certainly showing that fat girls can be hot and out-strip the rest. To see videos of fat girl Kelly stripping, click here"

Readable. No keyword stuffing, contains variations and related wording throughout. Well thought-out context emphasis is the new keyword stuffing!

Building Links to your optimised content

Your keyword research and writing, should only have taken an hour and earnt you your 15% by now. So it's time to earn the 44% of your potential from building links containing relevant anchor text.

And isn't it so much easier now you already have your list of your related terms, that you have already woven into the landing page you are going to now link to?

One tip, make sure you link OUT to a few relevant pages as well from your page. Pick decent ones with decent PageRank. This will give you a little bit extra Google love. Worried about people seeing they are links and clicking away? That's what CSS styling was invented for ;-)

How you build links is up to you. Just concentrate on getting one way inbound links with your main term and related terms in the anchor text. You should of course add your new page to and build a few inbound links through using us. Then target a few quality directories, some forum signature links etc, and use your keyterm variations wherever possible.

For a comprehensive guide to building unlimited one way links, we strongly recommend the absoutely amazing "The LinkBuilders Bible". It is crammed with everything you need to know about building links, and used in conjunction with this page, will ensure you have all the current information you need to succeed in the search engine results.

Finally, if you need some proof it works, just do a Google search for "fat girls stripping" and see what page is number one - and receiving 10-20 visitors a day. That's how easy it is to get targeted traffic.

How will this benefit my adult websites?
There are literally millions of searches done for adult related material every single day. However, a lot of adult webmasters are missing out on that potential traffic stream. The reason is simply that they only go down the traffic generation route and ignore optimising their site for search.

There is a lot of long-term benefit in optimizing your on-page content and then building one way backlinks to that content. Everyone is going after the TGP traffic, but few go after natural search traffic.

That is where we come in.

Our revolutionary new adult webmaster resource takes the old-fashioned reciprocal link exchange and gives it a twist. Once you have added your sites to our directory, you simply offer outbound links to other members sites. Each one that is accepted earns you a credit. You then spend the credits requesting different sites of your choice give you a valuable one way backlink.

Using that simple system, everyone benefits from one way inbound links.

You can add as many of your websites as you want in an account, and then benefit from growing links to all of them using our unique adult link exchange. It is FREE to try, so give it a go today - free of charge.


How Can A Link Exchange Be Non-Reciprocal?
how our link exchange directory gets you one way backlinks
Is my site eligible to join?
Whatever type of site architecture you have, you can benefit from this utlimate adult industry webmaster resource. Our manual system supplies the html links to paste into your site when you do an outbound link deal. As long as you can provide us with a page URL to where your outbound links will be displayed, then can use our adult link exchange directory.

If you want to take advantage of the automated link management code, which displays your links automatically when you do an outbound deal, you need to have a site which uses the file extensions .php or .shtml, uses Smarty templates, is a Wordpress blog that can use our plugin widget.

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It is easy to use, and gets results.

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Adult Directory listings show the key stats about each site, PR quality, current inbound links, if indexed in Google and yahoo, Domain age. We did the hard work so that it is for you to make the best decisions.

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